The Blind Blakes

Los Angeles-based retro jazz music archivists, The Blind Blakes, serve up a dangerous, thrilling and sultry musical cocktail party.

The Blind Blakes blend jazz, swing and blues harmoniously; they’re a group of music archivists. Find yourself stopping for drinks at the sexy bordellos of New Orleans in the early twentieth century, the greasy juke joints of Chicago, the voodoo gambler riverboats of Mississippi, the smoky saloons of jazzy Harlem and Parisian gypsy jazz hot clubs at last call.

The Blind Blakes blend film noir soundtracks, big top circus music, Havana bar serenades and gypsy campfire fiddle with Harry Smith’s Anthology of folk music.

The Wine and Roses Band

An all-encompassing hipster jazz band of new and old world styles with tunes from every genre, guaranteed to bring sizzle to any special occasion.

The Wine and Roses Band provides special events with a classy, indefinable sound that will create a magical energy for your wedding, reception or event!

Harnessing the magic of jazz, rock, pop, swing, Latin and old world musical styles, this group of top-flight LA talent will flawlessly spice your special occasion.