World Music

The Bracken Band

Powerful and majestic, this traditional Irish band will have the joint clapping and jigging all night long.

The Bracken Band features Marian Tomas Griffith, an Irish native, on Celtic guitar and vocals and Chris Murphy on fiddle, with DJ Bonebreak (X) on percussion for selected shows. Beautiful, powerful and majestic sounds of Irish music characterize The Bracken Band.

Artists such as The Pogues, The Bothy Band, Van Morrison, Horslips, The Waterboys, U2, The Chieftans and Allison Krauss influence The Bracken Band. Your party will jump with their jigs, reels, drinking songs, folk tunes and romantic ballads.

The Bracken Band’s new album, THE DAY BEFORE THE FAIR, features fresh takes on Irish classics such as “Danny Boy,” “Star of the County Down,” “The Foggy Dew” and more!


“What keeps the listener’s attention throughout is Mr. Murphy’s magic violin.”
- Jambase

Of Marian Tomas Griffin: “the most talented of the lot, (she) sings, dances and plays several musical instruments besides looking like a more delicate Maureen O’Hara. I simply lost my heart.”
- John Simon, New York Magazine

Sora Nova

Experience romance with world music in the styles of Flamenco, Tango, Samba, Bossa Nova, Gypsy Jazz, Italian, French, Jewish and Middle Eastern.

Sora Nova performs rich, exotic and sultry melodies and rhythms of world music. Latin rumbas, French gavottes, Greek island tremolos and Italian tarantellas mingle with burning gypsy violin, Flamenco and mysterious palm tree tangos, as the band performs with an ensemble of violins, mandolins, bass, percussion and guitars. Sora Nova’s traditional world music unfolds like a film score – charming, lively and enchanting – taking you on a trip around the world.