Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the best band for my event?

Nothing beats the experience of a live musical performance in terms of energy, enthusiasm and sheer entertainment for the audience. Often clients have an idea about the type of music they are interested in. By providing us with a list of your favorite songs or musicians, we can paint a picture of what you are looking for. Visit our bands’ videos and song links, which will provide a sample of each one’s sound and style. Since our bands can play a variety of genres, listening to samples of our multiple bands provides a great way to figure out which genres will provide the greatest entertainment and selection of music for your guests.

Also, consider how many guests will attend your event and whether you are looking for ambient, background music, or more center-stage, vibrant music for dancing. Our bands have many years of experience and will always cater to the needs of your audience and the nature of the venue to adjust tempo and volume levels by their ability to read the crowd.

What factors influence the cost of a band?

We price each event individually. The price depends on date, time frame, location and instrumentation. Venues that require our band members to travel outside of the Los Angeles area incur additional travel costs.

How do I book a band?

In order to book one of our bands call one of our booking agents to see if the band is available for that date. We will collect a list of details needed to create a contract. All you need to do after is to send back a signed copy of the contract plus a non-refundable 50% deposit of the agreed upon balance. We can put bands on hold, but we do not consider any band booked unless a contract and a deposit have been received. The remaining balance is required to be received two weeks prior to an event date.

Do we accept song requests?

Absolutely. Our bands will happily perform song requests! We are pleased to do this even when it means our bands have to learn a couple new songs. We combine requests with our crowd-pleasing knowledge of musical styles/songs to decide on the song selections that will best work throughout an event. We have an enormous repertoire of popular songs as well as original material. Nevertheless, our bands can always learn a couple new songs for each show. Each new song that must be learned does come with an extra fee to ensure the musicians are compensated for extra rehearsals. As a rule of thumb, we ask to be given three months notice to learn and integrate these new songs.

What does your fee include?

The Teahouse Company provides a vast array of services included with each pricing package:

• Gear/Sound – You can always count on us to provide incredible music and all necessary sound equipment. All we need from you is a power source.

• Venue coordination – We take care of handling logistics at the event space, working with the venue and ensuring all details come together seamlessly.

• Rehearsals – All our musicians are seasoned professionals, meaning they always rehearse for each special event. We have wonderful reviews because the musicians put the extra time to assure the music is the best it can be.

• Travel coordination – Everybody shows up on time. This comes standard for us. Don’t worry about L.A. traffic; our musicians are primed to be on time.

• Setup – Our bands always arrive one hour to a venue to begin set-up and sound check. Since there are a lot of moving parts, we always make sure we have enough time to prepare for the performance.

• Musician connections – The Teahouse Company offers 15 years’ worth of professional experience in the music industry. Along the way, we’ve kept only musicians that are the cream of the crop. We pride ourselves on band members who are not only incredibly talented, extremely personable, versatile across many genres of music, but also value a professional work ethic.