Wedding Wonders: How to book live music for your wedding

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Booking live music for a wedding can seem like an enormous and daunting task. How many musicians should there be? For how long should they play? What part of the reception is best to have them play during? Don’t fret, future bride/groom! Teahouse is here to walk you through the steps so that you can focus on what this wedding is really supposed to be about: your union.

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Choosing your genre of music

Perhaps you are going for a rustic-style wedding where upright bass and violins twang in the background underneath light, breezy banter. This may mean a folk or bluegrass band would work best for your big day. Or maybe you are going a more traditional route with a string ensemble to play classical favorites like Bach and Mozart. These are all things to consider when deciding on the aesthetic of your wedding and all things play an important role in the mood that you set for your special day. A good wedding band will be able to adapt to what you want for your wedding.


$etting your budget

What is great about deciding to incorporate live music into your wedding is that it can all be adjusted to fit your standards as well as your budget. If the live music is a smaller part of your budget, maybe vie for a single musician to serenade your audience. Perhaps the live music plays a larger role in your wedding and you would like the artists to stay throughout the event’s entirety. These are all price points that can be adjusted to fit what you need.

Something to remember:

  • There are many different factors that play into a musician’s price for playing your ceremony. This can include the travel to location, parking, sound equipment, length of performance time, song requests, provided meals, etc. Be sure to take this all into account when budgeting! And remember, this can all adjust to what you feel comfortable with.


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Finding your musicians

It can be a bit tricky to find trustworthy, talented live musicians for your wedding, especially since there is a lot of pressure in terms of quality for such a special day. Never fear, Teahouse is here! Of course, we take weddings extremely seriously in our company. Our musicians are never late, can play a multitude of genres and take great care to make sure you have an unforgettable event. You can look at our Yelp Reviews to see some of the great things people have had to say about our musicians. We would be honored to play your special event.

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